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Construction Safety
Professional and qualified safety trainers are available for short courses, safety mentoring and culture building.
Safety In The Workplace is very experience in training workers in small or large groups.
Great for Company Retreats - show your workers the value of safety.
Ongoing Safety Management for AS4801 compliance in continual improvement. Safety Audits.
Safety In The Workplace can work with you on developing a cost effective, yet legislative compliant, safety system.
Onsite or in the office.  Safety In Workplace is readily involved with boots on the ground or fingers to do the paperwork.
Safety In The Workplace can provide regular onsite audits to help keep contractors and workers safe and legally compliant.
 Workplace Safety Training
Improve Workplace Safety Culture
Worker and Management Legal Duties
Safety Committee Advice
 Workplace Safety Management
Risk Assessments
Safe Work Procedures (SWP / SOP)
Safety Manual
Onsite or Offsite Construction Safety
Legal Compliance
Safe Work Method Statements for High Risk Work
Safety Audits and Regular Inspections
It's only after a serious incident or injury that businesses truly appreciate how much time and money is saved by an effective Safety Management System but often they wait until after the fact and then sometimes it's too late.  Call now to find out how we can help you on your way to a safer, more productive business.
Please also remember that a business retreat for workers is far more complete with safety training.  Training your workers is a legal requirement so why not take advantage of our professional, yet entertaining, safety trainers and really get your workers serious about safety.
Safety In The Workplace is able to supply a Safety Systems outlined below and more:
  1. Safety Management System – includes:
  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Manual
  • Hazard Register
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Incident Reporting
  • Training and Consultation
  • Fire and Emergency Evacuation Management - including bomb threat.
*please note that a comprehensive safety management system is outlined further below.

  1. Consulting and Mentoring – includes:
  • Consulting advice on safety policy and legislative requirements.
  • Working Step by Step through a Safety Management System with a personal Mentor.    
  • Recognise safety gaps and then progresses daily, weekly, or monthly as part of your “continual improvement” and legislative requirements.
  • This is a personal "one on one" development of your safety systems.
Personal Safety Mentoring is available for businesses that need a helping hand or simply don't have the time to put together safety management.  There are thousands of free templates on the web for just about every Work Safety Issue, however, if you want more of a personal approach that won't cost the earth then we are happy to take you step by step through the process.   
We begin with a hands on approach to kick start your "continual improvement" and then progress on a daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly focus plan -
and then possibly yearly when things are running smoothly.
We are all qualified and experienced trainers who understand that business often has limited time and financial resources - we can work with that.
  1. Safety Management Audit – (Ref - AS4801) – includes:
  • The Australian Standard for investigating and finding gaps in a Safety Management System.
  • General Safety meeting with Management covering responsibilities such as:

1.    Legislative Responsibilities

2.    Risk Assessment / Management / Safe Work Method Statements

3.    Workplace Incidents

4.    Resolving safety issues in the workplace

  1. On-site Monthly or Quarterly Safety Checks (from the office to construction sites) – includes:
  • 1 hour onsite visual check to ensure serviceability and safety.
  • Supporting and enforcing safety initiatives for workers.
  • A check on the servicing of the all Safety Equipment.

     5.    Comprehensive Safety Management System
  • A comprehensive Safety Management System must show measurable continual improvement and this can only be done with time and effort.

This is charged per hour and is an ongoing agreement or training can be provided to allow you to continue the safety journey

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