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Fire Training is available in groups of up to 30 persons per session.  Discounts may apply for a group under 10 persons.

These sessions include: 
(i)   Legal obligations / Operation of the Warning System
(ii)  Evacuation Procedures 
(iii)  Exit Paths / Assembly  Areas and Accounting for staff
(iv)  Communications within Building
(v)   Communications with Emergency Services
(vi)  Role of Fire Wardens

Evacuation Coordinator (Wardens) and Fire Panel Training

Provide a session of Training for Evacuation Coordinators covering:

(i)    Role and Responsibilities of Chief Fire Warden and Wardens
(ii)    Alerting Emergency services and communications

(iii)   Fire Panel Training

(vi)   Use and operation of installed Alarm Equipment

(v)   Oversight of Evacuation

(vi)  Accounting for staff at Assembly Area etc
(vii) Bomb, Personal or Substance Threat Training 
Fire Management Plans (Emergency Manual)
Provide site-specific emergency manual that meets legislative compliance.  
The process includes a risk assessment of each workplace, providing essential information regarding the procedures and requirements for effective emergency management.    This document is an integral part of the workplace safety program and complies with the recommendations of the Australian Standards AS3745-2010.
(i)    Follows Legislative Guidelines 
(ii)   Correctly outlines Roles and Responsibilities
(iii)  Covers in written form the emergency procedures for each particular workplace
(iv)  Contains copies of compliant Fire Diagrams
(v)   Holds Fire Training and Equipment Servicing Records
Emergency Evacuation Diagrams
Provides site-specific emergency wall diagrams to comply with Section 18 of the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.
(i)   Shows correct location in the building (You Are Here)
(ii)  Orientated correctly for each position in the building
(iii)  Shows exit pathways through and from the building
(iv)  Details positions of communication devices
(v)   Shows locations of alarm and fire fighting equipment
(vi)  Designates external Assembly Areas



Trial Evacuation

In compliance with Section 44 of the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 (annually).
(i) The arrangement and Supervision of Trial Evacuations

(ii) Briefing prior to Trial Evacuation incorporating procedures to be followed and preferred outcomes
(iii) Management and Oversight of Evacuation Proceedings
(iv) Possible use of alarms and simulated emergency scenarios to enhance realism
(v) Provision of 'sign-off' records and statutory reports
(vi) Debrief of Evacuation Events and Outcomes
Fire Extinguisher Training - Practical ‘hands-on’ instruction in the use and operation of Fire Etinguishers  - covering:
(i)   The identification of  all types of Fire Extinguishers and other Fire Fighting Equipment
(ii)   The procedures for the safe operation of Fire Extinguishers and other Fire Fighting Equipment

(iii)  The safe-guards associated with the use of Fire Extinguishers and other Fire Fighting Equipment
(iv)  The hands on use of fire extinguishers
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